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About J Cube Development

J Cube Development is a highly reputed real estate investment firm that specializes in the acquiring, developing and management of properties across the southeastern markets in the US.

At J Cube Development, we collaborate with experts at every stage of the real estate redevelopment process. We emphasize on quality and innovation and offer excellence to our clients from all walks of life.

Our Story

Established in 2011, J Cube Development was incorporated to manage, redevelop and sell properties in the U.S. As a young and highly focused firm, the company managed as well as negotiated its first non-recourse loan in the Miami/Wynwood area. J Cube Development further closed seventeen million loans in 2015 and 2016. Today, the company delivers excellent investment plans and strategies to their clients and investors in Wynwood, enabling them to manage, redevelop and sell their commercial properties with ease. 

Why Us?

As the premier real estate investment firm, we offer effective and long-term solutions to our clients by handling negotiations and the entire redevelopment project. At J Cube Development, we look forward to transform the worn out and old parts of the country and redesign it with excellent real estate properties featuring modern and advanced amenities.

Here’s why we are best in the business: 

  • We offer detailed, well planned and best in class redevelopment services. 
  • We focus on every single stage of the real estate redevelopment process starting with conceptualization to the development of properties. 
  • Our company has outstanding experience in the retail, residential and commercial redevelopment projects.
  • We’ve managed and acquired real estate for many clients. 
  • We look into the scheduling, financial and quality aspects of every project and supervise construction for clients with diverse needs and backgrounds.

J Cube Development understands the unique needs of the real estate market and we look forward to serve our clients with quality and value for their money.