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About Remy Jacobson:

Remy has dedicated his life and career in acquiring real estate and commercial properties. He spent more than fifteen years in acquiring real estate in Montreal, Miami and Wynwood areas. Remy possesses extraordinary skills around investing and redevelopment of commercial properties. His expertise, knowledge and skills around buying, selling and redeveloping commercial properties is what sets him apart from his peers and competitors. He started investing in Miami in 2009 and has also managed and acquired over three thousand dollars of real estate in Montreal region. With emphasis on quality and innovation, Remy has redeveloped commercial properties across Montreal and Miami region. He was also one of the early

real estate investors in the Wynwood/Miami area. His knowledge and deep understanding of the real estate market has helped him in transforming himself into an expert in the retail, residential and commercial development field.

In 2011, Remy set up J Cube Development for acquiring, redeveloping as well as managing properties in the southeastern markets in the United States. After establishing the company, he managed and negotiated J Cube Development’s first non-recourse loan in the Miami/Wynwood area. Under his able leadership and guidance, the company closed further closed around 17 million loans in the year 2015 and 2016. Today, J Cube Development is regarded as one of the best and highly trusted real estate acquiring and redevelopment company. 

Right from handling negotiations as well as redeveloping commercial properties, Remy has played a key role in the transformation of old and worn out parts of the U.S. and has further redesigned every building with modern, unique and excellent amenities. Remy strongly believes in creating innovative, high-quality and advanced commercial properties. He is determined to create a brand that is admired across real estate industry for its quality and innovation. Remy has always strived to offer robust construction, high-quality development and complete transparency through his projects and investments.